Braces & Aligners

Braces are the best option for the technique of correcting the process. It is important to know that in recent years traditional braces has changed the deal of wearing braces.

Now-a-days, small metal or porcelain brackets are stuck to the front of the teeth and interconnected with a strong wire, that tightness the teeth , creating the precise moment amongst the teeth. The shifting of the teeth is done according to the plan during the pretreatment. This setup of the braces applies very slight accurate pressure on the teeth to move them into the planned and correct position. The wire worn is changed drastically as per the session and thicker wire is worn to get the best results.


Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a type of invisible braces. Other invisible orthodontic appliances on the market are clear aligners or plastic or ceramic braces. But "lingual" braces are fixed to the back, or lingual side, of your teeth, closer to your tongue.

Advantages of Lingual Braces

Invisibility: The parts that make up braces — the brackets, wires, and elastic bands — are all mounted on the back of your teeth. Other people can’t see them unless you open your mouth wide.

Possibly less pain: Studies differ on this idea but seem to favor lingual braces.


Correct the position of the teeth both simultaneously.

Once the braces are worn, they have to be adjusted at every visit to the dental clinic maintaining the pressure applied. Hence, regular follow-up appointments are required to allow the professional to monitor the treatment.


Braces - Metal

Metal braces use brackets made of medical-grade stainless steel.


Braces - Ceramic

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, but they use clear or tooth-colored brackets rather than gray or metallic silver brackets and wires.


Clear aligners, also called invisible aligners, are a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects misaligned or crooked teeth. They are a virtually invisible and removable alternative to braces designed around convenience and flexibility.


Clear aligners

Clear aligners are the solution for the patient who are opting for more advanced braces type to get the best and conventional results, as compared to metal braces that does not result in any.

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